G9 MVP Summer Leadership Program

What is G9?

G9 (Grade 9) is a summer transition program for rising 9th grade students of Willingboro High School. The transition from middle school to high is challenging for many students as many academic, social, personal, environmental, and physiological changes occur rapidly. In an effort to minimize the challenges and maximize student achievement the Making Visions Possible School Based Youth Services Program of Willingboro High School provides a FREE summer program to address issues when entering high school and help alleviate the stress of entering into a rigorous educational setting. We address these issues with various small groups and topics.

What's Cool about G9?


Getting Ready For High School

Students will learn about the high school program of study and the course and credit requirements needed for graduation. Topics include the student code of conduct,  uniform policy, class electives, study and test taking skills, and many more!


Character Education

According to the Character Education Partnership Character Education is an educational movement that supports the social, emotional and ethical development of students. Topics addressed include conflict resolution, healthy relationships,  bullying, social media,  group dynamics, and many more!


What is the Cost?

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The G9 program is absolutely free! Students will also be provided with free breakfast and lunch!!

Character Education and Elective Classes in:
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This  course teaches students different ways to use digital technology to produce effective photos that move beyond ordinary snapshots. Students gain an understanding of the relationship of light, color and white balance. They learn about depth of field, shutter speed, aperture and various digital camera modes.



The goal of this course is to introduce the students to the basic principles of the art and science of sound production and design.  The students will gain hands-on experience in working with loops, recording in a DAW, micing techniques and much more!



This course introduces students to the nature of business and entrepreneurship as the vehicle for making money by creating wealth and producing goods and services for a profit in a free enterprise economy.



This course introduces students to the process of growing food organically and raising fish. Students learn trades in plumbing, lighting, fish care, and farming.