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G9 Summer Transitional Enrichment Program


What is G9 S.T.E.P.?

G9 (Great 9) is a summer transition program for rising 9th grade students of Willingboro High School. The transition from middle school to high is challenging for many students as many academic, social, personal, environmental, and physiological changes occur rapidly. In an effort to minimize the challenges and maximize student achievement the Making Visions Possible School Based Youth Services Program of Willingboro High School provides a FREE summer program to address issues when entering high school and help alleviate the stress of entering into a rigorous educational setting. We address these issues with various small groups and topics.


Getting Ready For High School

What's Cool about it?

Character Education in:

Students will learn about the high school program of study and the course and credit requirements needed for graduation. Topics include the student code of conduct,  uniform policy, class electives, study and test taking skills, and many more!

Need More Info?

Character Education

According to the Character Education Partnership, Character Education is an educational movement that supports the social, emotional and ethical development of students. Topics addressed include conflict resolution, healthy relationships,  bullying, social media,  group dynamics, and many more!


What is the Cost?

The G9 program is absolutely free! Students will also be provided a light lunch each day.

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Making the transition from Middle School to High School can be stressful. Our Summer Enrichment Program helps to prepare scholars in what to expect in their Freshman year. They get the opportunity to meet some of the Administration and tour the facility to become familiar with class locations. Scholars are also taught the credit system so that they may have an understanding on graduation expectations. 


We discuss bullying with our scholars to help prevent it from happening in our schools. We teach them to know anti-bullying laws and their importance pertaining to protecting every scholar. Anti-bullying practices are continued throughout the school term. 


The G9 Program is designed to help scholars to build character. We recognize the importance of building strong, emotionally intelligent scholars who are independent and capable of dealing with problems. 



We engage with scholars to teach them social media awareness. They learn the importance of using social media safely and effectively as a tool for good purpose. Scholars are taught to make smart decisions when using social media. 

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